Featured Local Government Job Boards

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The following local government organizations are sponsoring #ELGLPopUps on October 12, 2018!

As part of this sponsorship, we’re showcasing their local government job boards: all of these organizations are focused on hiring the best local government talent and any job you find here is with one of the premiere local governments in the United States. We’ll also be including jobs from these organizations in our Weekly Reader newsletter. You can view the complete ELGL job board online.

Is your organization interested in joining this list? #ELGLPopUp sponsorships for public organizations are $500 and include:

  • All-In Membership (valued at $300)
  • Two comped #ELGLPopUps tickets (valued at $100)
  • Focused outreach and job board advertisement (like this post, and direct emails)

Please email Dan Weinheimer for more information about local government sponsorship!

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