How Do I Participate in a Virtual Book Club?

Posted on January 12, 2020

Virtual Book club

Wondering how ELGL hosts a book club discussion for members who are spread all over the world? Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to ask this question. Here’s a quick overview on how to participate:

  1. Join the Facebook group or Slack channel! Why is this important? The group is where we do everything from announce the monthly books, to discuss upcoming book selections. And it’s the place to go for reminders about upcoming book club meetings.
  2. Save the date(s) for the meetings you’ll attend. We’ll paste the link for the meeting in each calendar item for you.
    1. Here’s the link for the March 19 lunch meeting
    2. Here’s the link for the March 19 evening meeting
  3. On the date of the book club discussion, log on using that link and the access information. It’s best to use a computer with a strong internet connection. If you’re in a public or shared place, plan on using earphones/buds to listen. And ideally, you’ll have a web cam so we can see your smiling face!
  4. When you log on, the book’s host will lead the discussion. Feel free to chime in as you would if we were sitting around in someone’s living room! While we’re far apart, technology can bridge that distance and using a webcam and virtual technology means that we can see each other and connect with each other about the books we read.
  5. Leading up to, during, and after the discussion, share what you’re learning from the book and discussion using the hashtag #CityHallShelfie. It’s a way to continue to connect with each other about the book.
  6. Questions? We’re here to help! We know that virtual meetings are new for some people so if you have a learning curve – that’s ok! Over time it will become more normal to meet with people around the country and world using this platform and it’s a way to even further strengthen your relationships with ELGL members!

See you online on for our next #CityHallShelfie: ELGL’s Book Club meeting!

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