I Have to Ask You: Who are We to Those Around Us and How Can We Improve Ourselves to be Better Each Day from the Day Before?

Posted on January 25, 2023

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In this series, guest columnists reflect on a prompt provided by ELGL.

Today’s contributor is Chaquinta Fisher, Desktop Support Manager for McLennan County, TX.

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In a previous article, I asked:

Who are we to those around us and how can we improve ourselves to be better each day from the day before?  If it is not for these things, I have to question what are we doing in our lives and community? 

I have had this on my mind for a few weeks now as my husband and I navigate life with an almost 21-year-old, three teenagers and a FIVE-YEAR-OLD, in addition to my responsibilities in #govtech.

Most everything we encounter daily revolves around relationships and the health of said relationships.  This includes your regular checker in the grocery store, your children’s teachers, coworkers, friends, delivery personnel, family, you name it.

The quality of those relationships determines the quality of what you are trying to produce.

  • Is it a project meeting within your organization discussing moving an on-prem solution to cloud? If so, that would include not just your coworkers, but staff members in other departments, vendors, and related support, correct?
  • Is it your family moving to a newly constructed home from an apartment? Are there movers or neighbors involved to help?
  • Is it volunteering at your child’s school to serve Thanksgiving lunch? Are there other parents and staff assisting you?
  • Is it a stranger in passing or even someone that is not particularly mentally or emotionally healthy for your well-being?

In all of these things, character matters and how you treat people.  Negative actions breed negative results and positive actions always produce positive results.

Your positive relationships, friendly demeanor and upbeat attitude mean so much to others that may be carrying something heavy that day.  You, yourself, may even be carrying something heavy and having the ability to work through those emotions to bring out the best in you for others will also bring out the best in you – even if it is just for a few minutes.

Allowing this quick change shifts the negative emotions that are stirring inside of us and allows for our heart to beat a little bit happier and our minds to think more clearly.

When all of the gears are moving in the right direction, I must say there is a level of peace that exudes from an environment that can actually be a great asset in the business world.  Clear communication, calm spirits, and positive attitude go a long way.

I am by no means perfect and have had a fair share of my negative moments, some I actually regret, but most of the time, I find myself here.  Applying self-talk in areas where positivity is needing to be shared with others, silly banter, encouraging words – even if it is just towards myself.

In a world filled with negative, we should do all we can to help filter out the negative and make room for the positive.

This keeps both business and home moving in the right direction at all times.

How are your engines running in these areas today?

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