Is My State Ready to Reopen? A Look at the Data

Posted on May 7, 2020

Ted Jackson ClearPoint

This guest post is by ELGL member Ted Jackson, the CEO of ClearPoint Strategy.

It’s week eight of quarantine here in Virginia, and the foxes that were born in the neighbor’s front yard are all grown up, we’re making our way through a 64 team bracket of animated movies, and our youthful lab attacks anyone in the house that starts dancing…what a strange fun sponge. Some days I wonder about this bizzaro world we’re living in. Will it ever go back to normal? When?

There is currently a lot of talk about reopening the economy—and the deaths that may come with taking those actions. It got me wondering, is my state ready to reopen?

Here in Virginia, we have been closed since around March 12 and have been working remotely, with kids out of school during this time. There have been a lot of numbers thrown around…from # of tests, to # of infected, to # of deaths. Fairfax County is texting me every day with new data about the impact of COVID-19. The news is on 24×7 with data everywhere.

But still, I didn’t see a clear cut answer to the simple question: is Virginia ready?

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