It’s OK to Not be OK

Posted on December 1, 2021

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Today’s morning buzz is brought to you by Jessica Chernich, Management Analyst for the Village of Beach Park, IL. Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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After sharing my “Splash into Local Government” story a few months back, I decided to submit my name for the “Morning Buzz” series. When I was selected, I had high aspirations of writing something fun and witty, yet informative (below is what I actually submitted for potential article topics).

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Having submitted my ideas at the end of September, it seemed like I had a TON of time to work on this, but as a procrastinator at heart, I knew I would be writing this with little time before it was due. So, as December 1st approached, I began to brainstorm what I would write about. I went back to review the topics I submitted, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I turned to colleagues for inspiration and received very little feedback. After much deliberation, I decided I would write about the women’s leadership gap in local government (and everywhere else). I titled the article “The Future is Female: Combatting Gender Bias and Closing the Leadership Gap in Local Government”, and I was super excited to dig into it (and to use the below photo of my daughter and me in the article). I had presented on this very topic during the summer of 2019, for a Village Women’s Leadership Group at one of my previous employers, so as I began writing this, I felt prepared.penny and me

I completed about half of it when I was left feeling like it was a dry, boring read…my heart just wasn’t in it. It was at this moment that I decided to write about what’s really on my mind…I am not my best self right now. I am sad. I am depleted. I am unmotivated. I am down on myself. I have been through A LOT. 

So, writing a professional, upbeat article just felt like a lie. I am not going to talk about all I have been through over the last few years, but I had an epiphany the other day. I was thinking, if I heard someone else tell my story as if it were their own, I would be mind-blown. I would be thinking, “WOW. This person has overcome so much, but from the outside looking in you can’t even tell. This person is strong”.

I am strong, but being strong doesn’t mean that the hard times feel any easier.

I wanted to share this sentiment, because I know that many others are going through their own personal and professional trials and tribulations, whether we know it or not, and adding the pandemic into the mix has only heightened things. Please remember that it’s OK to not be OK.  Take things day by day, and remember to give yourself grace. Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemies. Try to talk about what’s on your mind and in your heart (with those you feel comfortable sharing with), it helps immensely. If you ever want to have an unbiased conversation about something with someone you don’t know, please feel free to reach out to me. Most importantly, give yourself some extra love (practice self-care), and not only during the tough seasons of life—you deserve it.

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