Digital Coordinator

ELGL is hiring! We’re looking for a Digital Coordinator.

In this role, you’d be ELGL’s third employee, joining a remote team with the Executive Director and the Membership & Programs Director!

It is an hourly, limited-duration position, and you can work from your home (there’s no ELGL office). We’re looking for 15-20 hours per week, from August 2019 – June 2020 with the potential for renewed contract. Pay is $15 per hour. 

About ELGL:

ELGL’s mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government.  We do this by providing timely, relevant, and real content–daily. One of the things that makes ELGL unlike any other professional organization is the opportunity for our members to share their professional expertise and experiences with colleagues by authoring columns for publication on We place a very high value on our content.

Content management is crucial to achieving our mission. Our content helps us foster authentic and meaningful connections. We convey the expectation of equity and inclusion through our content. Our members share their joy for what they do in the content that they contribute and that we publish. Through our content, we send the message that we welcome new ideas and technology—and stress their importance in local government.

About the Position:

We are looking for an individual who is quick and nimble in their work, with experience and skills in digital content management, writing and editing, graphic design, and website management.

The Digital Coordinator is responsible for looking at ELGL’s content from the “big picture” point-of-view, as well as from the user perspective, to make sure that it makes sense. In addition to writing, editing, and proofreading content on our website, the Content Editor works closely with ELGL members to organize, coordinate, distribute, and maintain content on our website, assist with GovLove podcasts and Weekly and Monthly Reader newsletters as needed, and provide guidance to content authors to adhere to new and established style guides. 


In collaboration with the ELGL team, the Digital Coordinator will be responsible for the following:


  • Develop and maintain a master content calendar
  • Revise and release an ELGL Style Guide that meets our needs for voice, grammar, technical requirements, web writing, and image sharing
  • Support development of promotional campaigns and membership benefits
  • Assist ELGL staff with building a content structure for the website & social accounts that evolves to meet our growing organization’s needs


  • Manage content on (requires working with WordPress content management software); this includes copying, editing, and proofreading all web content, and working with ELGL staff to build content structures that are intuitive and useful for our members
  • Ensure web content is pushed to appropriate social media channels using automated actions when possible
  • Use Google Analytics to monitor & provide monthly reports on key website metrics
  • Develop a workflow/process for how content on is managed (i.e., adding, editing, categorizing)
  • Maintain and promote the business directory
  • Maintain and promote the job board
  • Supervise and assist a large group of content authors and regular contributors with publishing web content that meets ELGL’s style, voice, and editorial guidelines
  • Develop a workflow and process for creating, encouraging, and building new content 
  • Delivering monthly content reports to the ELGL Board at regularly scheduled meetings, and attending two board meetings per month


  • Honor, celebrate, recognize guest writers and podcast guests
  • Create an engagement process so we welcome as many new writers and podcast guests as we can find to contribute their knowledge to our network
  • Work with ELGL staff to coordinate new initiatives that recognize and celebrate content from our membership

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

The ideal candidate possesses the following attributes, among others:

  • Effective communication skills: listens attentively and with empathy; speaks and writes clearly and concisely
  • Experience with WordPress content management system (ELGL uses ProudCity, which is based on WordPress)
  • Experience with Mailchimp, Eventbrite, or other email and event software
  • Familiarity with Slack and Google Suite of tools for remote collaboration and communication
  • Effective project management skills, including organizing, coordinating, and managing resources, time and people to achieve key goals and objectives on time and to standards
  • Ability to successfully work independently, as well as with a team, with the ability to use good judgment to make decisions.
  • Ability to contextualize, manage, and plan content and production for high-traffic websites.

Application Timeline:

  • June 24: Online application available on
  • July 20: Applications due
  • July 25 & 26: Skype interviews with selected applicants
  • August: Work begins
  • The selected applicant will be expected to attend an expenses-paid staff retreat in August.


  • Only online applications will be considered. Apply online here

Other Information:

  • This position will work remotely; there is no ELGL office.
  • Employee will track and report their hours weekly and will receive a monthly paycheck. 
  • While strict office hours are not set by ELGL, weekly and monthly meetings will be determined in advance, and the employee is expected to work their remaining hours around that schedule. 
  • ELGL has members and staff on both the East and West coasts, so the employee should expect to work nontraditional hours in some cases to meet the needs of others in different time zones 
  • Applicants must have a computer with a webcam and internet access to complete their work.
  • ELGL will supply access to any paid software required to complete the expectations in this job description.
  • This position is designed for an adept user of digital communications tools, who also has a passion for local government and is committed to supporting ELGL’s mission.


  • Email Kirsten Wyatt with your questions; she will compile all Q&As on this page for your review. 

What information/feedback do we have about the audience reception to GovLove and the weekly/monthly newsletter? Downloads, email opens, page views, etc.?

We have MailChimp-style data about the newsletters, and can query reports on download rates our podcasting platform. We have not been very strategic in using this data but want to start with this new position.

How open to evolving content goals and objectives is the current staff and board?

Very open. Our current style is post and pray. We want to get more strategic in our content goals, while preserving our human “voice” and volume of publishing opportunities, especially for members. We want to move away from “spon con” or sponsored content as much as humanly possible.

  • How frequently do you envision contact with this staff person? Hourly/daily/weekly? Some hybrid?

Daily contact via text/email/chat. Phone conversations twice a week or so. But totally up to the person’s preferences and style!

  • What is ELGL’s philosophy on experimentation with content, delivery, member engagement?

High tolerance for experimentation. High tolerance for risk and trying new things.

  • How does ELGL currently use data analytics to monitor and improve reach/content and how do you envision this role will use data analytics to understand that reach?

Not at all. But we want to do that, very much. For example, we’ve long wanted to do some A/B testing with subject lines on emails to see how it affects open rates. We’ve also wanted to test out targeted text messaging. We also have high engagement on IG, FB, and Twitter that we don’t track metrics on to see where engagement is highest. All of this would be in the mix for this position.

  • What is the history of content creation for ELGL? Is it mostly just ideas that come from members? Is there brainstorming that happens formally? How do we know what people want to see and, vice versa, what features they don’t care about? 

It’s almost 100% driven by people who have good ideas and we throw it up on the wall to see what sticks. While we want to continue this process of “if you build it, we will post it” so our members feel like this is a place for them to share their voices,  we also want to be more strategic in how we communicate.

  • Is there interest in gathering some user feedback with surveys, focus groups, etc.? Has that information ever been collected in the past?

We do an annual survey of members and get good feedback on content and that info would be shared with the position. We could enhance and change that survey question(s) in the future, or do a stand-alone survey to best guide the position’s work.

  • What is the current status of each of these items (i.e. are they created, in progress, not yet started, etc.?): 
    • Master content calendar – Non-existent
    • ELGL Style Guide – Non-existent
    • Organization/structure for promotional campaigns and membership benefits – In progress
    • Content structure for the website & social accounts – In progress
  • Can you talk more about the long-term goals for this staff position?

The long term goal is to bring the position on at full time role to manage content for ELGL. The ideal person in the long term role is creative, driven, spunky, and efficient. They would understand ELGL’s unique voice and need to be nimble, but also that creating quality content and the categorization of that content, is part of keeping ELGL viable and sustainable into the future.

  • Can you describe the contract requirements? August to May, an average of 15-20 hours per week, do you think it is possible to do this work in addition to a full-time role toward the end of the contract if needed? 

Yes, and we’d just want to talk through any shift in hours that would be required if the job was in addition to a full time job. The beauty (and curse) of this role would be working anytime, anywhere. So there’s lots of flexibility to be managed.

  • What graphic design work will this person provide?

Canva for day to day projects, and then a contract graphic designer for larger projects and logo/design work.

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