Knope of the Week: Josh Gregor, Josh’s Job Search

Posted on January 25, 2013


After a long holiday break including a brief jump off the fiscal cliff, the Knope of the Week is rested and ready to anoint the standouts in the local government arena for 2013. This year recipients will not only the incredible fame and glory associated with the award, but they will be recognized with a token of appreciation that will only be known by the recipients.

Before we move forward, take a look back at the 52 recipients in 2012. Each recipient will tell you that life has change drastically with the recognition, similar to a lottery winner minus the money and notoriety. ELGL proudly notes that before awarding a Knope of the Week we test each potential recipient individual for performance enhancing drugs. We also proudly note that those individuals have no idea that they’ve ever been tested.

Now onto the beginning of a new year, the 2nd recipient(s) for 2013 is the……

Josh Gregor

Author of Josh’s Job Search

Unfortunately, Josh’s Job Search has found an ending. Josh began work this week with the city of Portland. You will hear more about the position in his final blog post next week.

The city of Portland is fortunate to gain Josh’s skill set which includes excellent communication skills – written and oral. If the older generation has doubt whether qualified folks are in the pipeline, take solace in knowing people like Josh are out there. Josh demonstrated an proactive style in seeking out informational interviews and job leads.

ELGL thanks Josh for bringing a contagious passion and energy despite facing the normal frustrations associated with finding a job right out of college. Josh’s informational interviews reminded us of the perseverance needed to succeed in the current job market. For many of us every time we read Josh’s contributions we appreciated our jobs just a little bit more.

Here’s a reminder of who Josh encountered during the job search.

ELGL would like to continue providing similar content to Josh’s Job Search so if you think you are the next Josh, send us an email at [email protected].

Last Week’s Recipient: Port of Portland

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