Lawrence, Kansas: Why I Love My Library (Updated 2/23)

Posted on February 19, 2018

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Lawrence Public Library
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I love my library because it not only serves people in the city of Lawrence but it serves all the rural children and families that do not have Libraries in their small towns. When I made my weekly trip to town for groceries and the 10 books I was allowed to take each time I would devour them on those long summer days in the country. Now I have used the library to support my masters degree studies because they had all the obscure silent films I needed to study Kansan Eve Unsell who now has her own chapter in a book that I have contributed to: When Women Wrote Hollywood. The library was a safe space for my children to socialize, read and research. It’s a gathering place to do readings and host screenings of new creative work. The library is for everyone and we need these spaces to learn, explore and connect.
Architecturally, the library is gorgeous. it’s thoughtful design creates a community gathering space.for so many activities as well as lending books. It is our child’s favorite place to meet friends and use one of the many rooms. Lawrence Library is the heart of the city.
LPL has so much fun and thoughtful programming, they bring in fantastic speakers, love the heck out of our community and are a role model for inclusiveness.
Lawrence Public Library not only provides a wide array of resources to its residents, but regularly hosts and supports local activist events, forums, and artists. They are absolutely dedicated to the betterment of their community.
The Lawrence library used for be a scary-looking concrete block. As a child, I was scared to go there. I don’t know how they accomplished the transformation they did with the renovation, but it’s now a beautiful, vibrant place. The people and resources inside are even better. It’s my two boys’ favorite place to be in town…and mine, too!
I love my library because of the staff. Yes, the building and it’s cosmetic appeal is superb, Without the awesome family of Lawrence spirit and pride, it would just be a library. Our library is like a home, a safe haven, where people from all walks of life can gather and feel inclusion. There is no better feeling than to go there and see the happiness it brings to all, by offering a warm place to engage in so many different resources of stimulation.
The programming in our library is so extensively varied and comprehensive. From author visits to Harry Potter activity nights, to the public recording studio, Smash Bros competitions in the Teen Zone, the Friends of the Library steal-of-a-deal book sales, animal, magician and scientist visits, drum performances, the summer kickoff concert event, Books for Babies, public meeting spaces, personal reading lay-down nooks in the Children’s section, and so much more, our forward-thinking library accommodates the whole community. Our quaint town values LPL’s contributions, and it values our needs!
Lawrence Public Library is my go to favorite resource for books, CD’s, DVD’s, Tech Support, Sound & Vision Studio, community events, like author’s talks, presentations, musical performances and so much more. The facilities & staff are all top notch. I’ve been visiting this lovely place for 25 years now & I hope to continue to do so for the next 25 years, at least. LPL us number one in my book. Come & see for yourselves next visit to Lawrence, Kansas!
They sponsor magazine “recycling” by giving “withdrawn” magazines away for free and allowing the public to bring and take personal magazines.
Growing up, my mom would always take my twin sister and me to the library to look at all the books we could. I remember looking at nonfiction books about bugs, trees, plants, etc. and my mom letting us check out however many we wanted. When we went to the library, it was time for us as a family to revel in the knowledge all the books had to offer and a time for us to bond over our love of books and reading. Our mom passed away when we were 15 but we can always look at our time at the library as a loving and exciting experience we all loved. LPL’s influence within the Lawrence community is important and the resources the library offers are invaluable. I love LPL and all the memories it has generated!
They have SO MANY Jim Weiss audio stories for my kid! And there’s so much natural light! And everyone is so delightful!
LPL has so many resources for low income families that wouldn’t otherwise have access to things like computers, recording studios, makerspaces, etc.
I have lived in Lawrence my entire life (41 years) and have always felt welcome and inspired when I visit the library. The staff has consistently be above par over the years and successfully creates a community atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
The Lawrence Public Library is where I gravitate when I have some free time, either alone, or with my kids! Our staff is the loveliest, most knowledgeable group of librarians out there! Not to mention our new building can’t be beat! We enjoy wonderful book clubs for kids and adults, fantastic local artwork on the walls, and just a beautiful place to get lost in the stacks! Where would we be without our libraries? Thank you, LPL, for being awesome all around!
My two-year old lives to go to weekly story time, and he won’t leave until we’ve visited the fish and spent some time at the Lego table. Best of all, the library’s programs for kids of all ages mean the library will continue to be a favorite place for our family to spend time together for years to come.
My daughter and I have been attending Thursday evening storytime for a couple of years now. She LOVES Ms. Linda, the storyteller who allows her to re-tell the stories and “be the storyteller” after most of the children have left. It has been a wonderful confidence-building activity for my anxiety-ridden little girl!!
The Lawrence Public Library is much more than a library. It is like the heart and maybe the soul of this amazing town. LPL was designed and built with input from the community and that’s what you feel when you’re there. You feel a sense of belonging. LPL’s spaces, collections, activities, and programs respond to the ever changing needs of our community. Staff are resourceful, creative, and simply amazing! I’ve lived in Lawrence for 14 years and LPL has been one my family’s favorite spots in town. Not only do they have awesome books, DVDs, music, and resources in multiple languages but they have fantastic programs and activities that enhance the community dialogue and understanding. In short, LPL is the best library because it serves our community and brings it together, as it provides an inclusive and supportive space for everybody.
Lawrence is my hometown. My Grandmother was a part of the school board growing up. She help build a platform for reading. I love Lawrence Library its an amazing place!
It’s multi-dimensional and user-friendly. It’s collection includes printed, digital and mult-media materials, In addition to desktop and laptop computers, it provides studio and meetings room well equipped with flat-screen TVs for the public to use free of charge. Its staff is very dedicated and very knowledgeable.
Great collection of books, audio books, films. Public access to computers and internet. Great service. Friendly and professional staff. Up-to-date equipments, Good meeting rooms for different groups and purposes. A great asset of the community.
Lawrence Public Library has it’s finger on the pulse of its community! They know what Lawrence is about and they have timely and interesting programs that the community wants and needs. It’s also a favorite place for my kids! They love story time and the selection of kids’ books (and adult stuff) is awesome. Not to mention the beautiful new building.
LPL has long been a part of my weekly routine. From staying progressive and current in their selections, to providing outdoor space that serves as a seasonal fun for the Lawrence community, and now hiring even more people for The Merc (community mercantile). It’s a place everyone can go- if they’re lonely, cold, bored, or just want some peace. LOVE LPL!!!!
When I enter Lawrence library I feel relax, happy and intrigue to know what am I going to read! I love the environment, smells amazing, people (staff and readers) are extraordinarily nice! The location is fantastic, easy access, easy parking. Restrooms are always clean. I love the lights and the easy access people with disabilities! I love the auditorium, the movies they present are amazing! I love the kids section, very well organiza, and reading program for them is fantastic. My favorite place is definitely the individual rooms! they sooo relax, I usually bring my friend with me when we want to work as a team!
I love the Lawrence Public Library because my children would rather hang out there than anywhere else in town. As a parent, that means so much. There are so many for profit options in town for kids to be attracted to, and they are not cheap. The fact that my kids have more fun at the Library than at a pay for play kids entertainment venue really helps us with our budget and more importantly, gives us hope that learning, reading, and having dialogue with the community will be driving forces in our children’s development. Somehow the Library in Lawrence has made learning fun for our kids, and we incorporate that into our home life as much as possible. Bravo!! P.S. The staff at the LPL is astounding as well.
LPL has the great selection from books to digital media. I can walk in with my 6 year old and 1 year old and always have something for them to do, the staff are amazing and go above to create the most inviting atmosphere anywhere.
The Lawrence Public Library not only talks a good game about being an asset to the whole community but delivers on that talk. If there is need expressed for the community, the library seems to always look to see how they might play a part in meeting that need. A good example was when the Greyhound bus service lost their designated pickup
point due to a business closing. The library stepped up and offered their facility. The bus is often the only service some people can afford and now they have a location where they can wait. There are numerous examples like this. The library is truly a resource for the whole community and not just a place to be quiet and get a book.
LPL, in its beautiful functional welcoming iteration, recently completed, is, even more importantly, a beautifully functional entity for the community. The people who serve those of us (and there are many) users of this library find willing people to help solve problems we may be having relating to what a library does and has. So, #1, people are important to other people . #2–the varieties of programs–babies, toddlers, young kids, middle school ones and probably high school , plus the all-important adults(!) can enjoy programs, workshops, assistance, and on and on. Opportunities for service are there and lots of folks have dedicated years of their “spare” time to make this happen for all of Lawrence. Would that every community would be so fortunate.
I’ve been visiting the Lawrence Public Library for as long as I can remember (going on 30 years now). And I’m still learning about new ways that the Lawrence Public Library enhances our community. For example, some colleagues and I recently started a book club and discovered that the library can provide a staff member free of charge to facilitate this! When we called to request a particular book, the staff member who took the call had the bag of books prepared for us within minutes of us requesting it. It is for this reason and many more that the Lawrence Public Library has a strong presence and makes a distinct difference in our community.
Lawrence Public Library is so great. They offer free meeting spaces which make community organzing possible and are dedicated to being a safe place for everyone. Their staff are helpful and their building is beautiful.
I love my library because it is now a center of social activity for Lawrence, it is in a great location, it has computer access, takes the Value Line in hard copy, has quite a bit of natural light and the team members are helpful and personable. Thank you, Lawrence, KS!
What’s not to love? – lots of people are always there, using the facilities, reading, on computers, holding meetings, children’s reading – open and airy – easy parking – next to bus stops, and with a snack bar at the entrance incase you need a pick me up break from study, reading or meeting.
My local library is the best! And it’s not just for borrowing books, either. We’ve got art (exhibits featuring local artists of all ages), music (we have a recording studio), film (and an editing room), other media (CDs & DVDs), community meetings, speakers, you name it. Plus, an annual Lego building contest. Oh, and did I mention – our library fights fascists!
Lawrence Public Library is full of sunshine, great materials, helpful staff, interesting displays and wonderful reading spaces. What a joy to visit this library, which is the hub of Lawrence’s downtown.
Great staff: consistently friendly and eager to help. Great exhibits of local art work and a venue for music recitals – underscoring the library’s expanded role as a foundation for all of the arts in the Lawrence community.
Comfortable seating, TONS OF BOOKS, great movie selection, COFFEE!!!
I love the Lawrence library because it has amazing programs that pull the community together.
I enjoy being able to borrow audio books for long trips. The Friends of Library Book Sale also offers older audio books, and I have enjoyed several that have made a long car trip enjoyable.
I’ve loved going to the library since I was a child and now 40+ years later, I still love going to the library. Lawrence Public Library has everything one could love about a library. All the books, wandering in the stacks, finding a great spot to settle in and read. BUT, LPL has other great things/spaces too. Kids spaces, teen spaces, local history and genealogy resources, even a recording studio. And I can’t get enough of all the online resources. The LPL and its staff add so much to the community of Lawrence, I can’t even imagine Lawrence without this library in it. It’s such a great place, I’ve even brought out of town visitors to the library so they could experience it!
Our Lawrence Public Library is beautiful to behold, located in the downtown area with good parking for easy access. It is up-to-date in its services with a staff that is helpful to those of us who are NOT so up-to-date. The excellent collection of books, sources for research and, for fiction and non-fiction reading, goes without saying, but I also love the availability of music and DVDs and art, etc. for out. The library has all sorts of special programs for children and adults providing shared experiences in reading which I have participated in. Attractive and comfortable meeting rooms are available for our public use, too. I would suggest to anyone visiting Lawrence to include a stop at our library as one of your sites to see . . . and you also will be able to get a cup of coffee.
It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility that refelects our community’s commitment to public access to knowledge and media. LPL is a very warm, welcoming place with a great staff who are willing, eager and able to help. The library also serves as a gathering place for a wide variety of events!
I am constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of activity at Lawrence Public Library.. There is always something in progress for all ages and interests. In addition to the academic, intellectual sorts of things one expects from a library, they are sensitive; and responsive to the “what’s going on?” throughout the whole community.
I love my library because it’s a safe, warm, friendly place to visit with friends and family. The staff are always ready to help and the resources offered to learners of all ages are unmatched. Thank you for all your hard work for our community!
I first became hooked on the Lawrence library as a wee preschooler – it was the fish tank! Then I fell in love with the story line — when we couldn’t make it to the library I could call the phone number and hear a wonderful story. Now, with kids of my own, the amazing attention to children once again makes this library shine. Children are honored here. They are given the space, materials and freedom to explore and use their imaginations. I’m so glad I have kids so I have an excuse to climb into the cozy nooks too and read!
Libraries used to be all about dark, quiet places of reading and study in an attempt to keep the distractions of the world out. Lawrence Public Library is full of light and windows, enrichment activities, public meeting rooms, games, and inspiring programs for all ages. It’s a place to bring people together for fun and learning, so sometimes it’s really noisy. But the gathering of knowledge isn’t always quiet, is it!
My library, besides being beautiful, has spaces and events for everyone. Community happens here. Lectures, classes, exhibits, performances, and club meetings of all types and for all ages bring people together regularly at our library. Book clubs can borrow themed sets of books. The staff are dedicated, helpful, and kind.
For many reasons — but the best is the SOUND & VISION studio nothing can compete with that!
The overall vision of the S&V that one can come directly from the street with nothing else but an idea — and record a song for example — with instruments provided is beyond amazing.
They are so kid friendly. Not only do my little ones love going there and request visits often, but I am always seeing my middle school students there as well. All who work there are welcoming and helpful to all ages.
I love the design of the building and how it fits with the cowntown site. I love the ease of free parking right next door. I love the easy access to the various parts of the library. I love all the free computer access. I enjoy the coffee and snack bar near the entrance. I am happy to see so many local students use the library to do research and study there. The library is a beautiful and welcoming place which hosts many community events and reading experiences for young and old community members for free.
It is so diverse and all the workers are loving and want to know about what you like in order to help you find exactly what you are lookin for.
Lawrence Public Library rocks! It is the ultimate cure for boredom in our family. Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you LPL!!!
My library offers programs to our Lawrence community that brings all people together and displays art from local artists and the staff is so very kind.
I love the Lawrence Public Library because it is a spectacular work of architecture that also offers awesome programs to our community, as well as a safe and cool place for teens to hang out and learn together in the Teen Zone. Great job Lawrence Public Library!
The LPL is very community friendly. They offer so many programming options that are geared toward all ages, interests, and levels of engagement. Lawrence is so lucky!
LPL is central to the Lawrence community. They provide a place for people to come in from the cold to read, events and activities for families, support social justice, and have Drag Queens read stories to children! It’s truly a wonderful place and I’ve never loved a library this much.
It is a great place to take my grandkids while I am looking for other books, movies or sitting in the little reading areas with them and reading to them. They truly look forward to spending time at the library and so do I. The parking area attached to the building is another plus. It is all so convenient.
My library has multiple programs designed to get the community active AND reading. Like the Walk To Rivendale Challenge two years ago. They are constantly updatong their programs to suit the community AND THEY STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER!
I love the Lawrence Public Library because it encapsulates everything I love about the best college town in the nation: Lawrence, Kansas. LPL is fun, quirky, modern, and full of fantastic people. It provides a plethora of resources beyond the phenomenal collection of books available to check out. They are connected to the community I love and truly have their fingers on the pulse of the needs of Lawrence residents and the surrounding area.
Our library is the heart of the city, Lawrence’s living room. An unlimited supply of activities, ideas, motivations, services and just a great place to relax and chill. If the darkness of the Cold and Dark Kansas winter has you down, come to the library and sit in the glow of the SADD lights. Get a cup of coffee, grab a snack, use the computer or check out the local history section. Don’t know what to read? The staff always has the answer to your next read!
LPL has always been the center of our community. They are a safe haven for many.
This is a really cool library because of its set up and the great personnel not to mention the oldest and newest in literature.
They have a great hold system and convenient parking.
Drag Queen storytime!
Lawrence Public Library has an awesome staff that reaches out enthusiastically to support other libraries and their staffs across the state and the rest of the country. LPL staff seriously rock!
I love LPL because the people are helpful and friendly, it’s a community gathering place and space (and the space is beautiful, too!), and it’s always busy — the community heavily uses its library in so many different ways (audio recording study, anyone?). Additionally, the conversations and programs that the library hosts or convenes are always relevant and engaging, Lawrence Public Library is truly one of the best public libraries in the country!
The Lawrence Public Library has EVERY book I want…and if they don’t, all I have to do is place a request and they’ll buy it. I’ve never been turned down!
It’s a refreshing environment and so valuable to our community. I love stretching out my spider legs and gazing out the window at the Kansas skies. Also my girlfriend goes there often and it’s fun to run into her by accident since i see her all the time on purpose. Also my girlfriends’s kids go there about every day and they are brilliant so that speaks for itself.
The Lawrence Public Library is such a welcoming space. Not only are there wonderful materials to check out in all formats, but it’s also a meeting place for the community – a place children to listen to books, teens to hang out and everyone to meet and attend programs.
Lawrence library has an outstanding staff, beautiful facilities and is a gem in Kansas!
All the amazing nooks and crannies and rooms to read, study and work in are amazing, but it is the people who work there who really make it such a warm, peaceful, alive and welcoming space to all and a space that personifies in every way all the things that make our community wonderful.
Awesome place for kids of all ages. Tons of cool resources and great events for kids. Story time is awesome too and our son loves it.
The library is freaking awesome!!! I use it all the time!

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