New Member Profile: Molly Nolte

Posted on February 13, 2019

molly nolte

Molly Nolte

Management Information Specialist, City of Janesville, WI

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So far, what’s your proudest accomplishment in 2019? 

I have worked for the City of Janesville just under a year.  I coordinated my first ever “State of the City” event in January, and the City Manager presented me with a City coin after his address for my work on the project.  This was a proud moment for me as a relatively new employee.

Valentines Day is in February. What do you “love” about your job?

My coworkers are top-notch and make coming to work every day a joy.  One of my daily priorities is “humanizing” the City through social media and messaging, and I love seeing our engagement levels with the community continue to improve.

(Complete the sentence) Before I die I want to…

Travel far and wide and see the entire world.  Experiencing new cultures is my favorite thing ever.

10 Year Challenge! What were you doing in 2009? How did it help you reach your current position? 

2009…I was 21, just moved back home from a stint in Chicago, had my Associate’s degree, and no direction.  I was working in food service full time and saving up for the next decision—which ended up being Cosmetology.  It wasn’t  until 2012 that I began my career in local government at the County level, leading me to my Bachelors and Masters degrees, and then to the City.  2009 was my “figuring-it-all-out” phase and eventually I ended up on the right path.

(Complete the sentence) The first time I heard about ELGL was…

When my supervisor Maggie Darr told me I would get to become a part of the group as a City of Janesville employee!  Specifically she educated me about the importance of a #CityHallSelfie!

What question should we have asked? What’s the answer?

If there is one misconception about government employees, what is it and how do we address it?  Answer: That we are heartless people who for some reason get into this work to make peoples’ lives miserable.  By the end of my career, I would like to have changed many minds about who we are—eager, passionate, and devoted to this work and making the world a little better every day.  That’s my experience.

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