MPA@UNC: Advance Your Career in the Public Sector—Online

Posted on April 20, 2015

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UNC School of Government’s MPA@UNC is a groundbreaking online MPA program that gives professionals seeking to advance their careers in public service the opportunity to earn an accredited MPA degree online from a top-ranked school of government anywhere in the world. The online Master’s of Public Administration at UNC combines the flexibility of online education with the best of an on-campus experience through the delivery of live online classes led by UNC School of Government faculty, self-paced coursework and hands-on learning through a professional experience component. Learn more about this top online MPA degree program available through MPA@UNC today.

MPA@UNC: Advance Your Career in the Public Sector—Online

For working professionals in the local or state government, earning an advanced degree in public administration can improve career outlook and opportunities for growth. MPA@UNC, the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) online Master of Public Administration (MPA) program allows professionals to earn an MPA online and prepare for leadership roles in public service—no matter where they are located and without sacrificing quality. The program also gives students 24/7 access to coursework, faculty and amenities while pursuing the same MPA degree and working through the same rigorous curricula as their on-campus peers.
10848045_755754964473823_3175142741437906852_nCourse content ranges from simple lecture-driven materials to highly produced videos that bring a depth to the learning process unmatched by any other masters of public administration online program. Using an innovative combination of live classes taught by the School of Government’s renowned faculty, and coursework that students complete on their own time, MPA@UNC offers students the opportunity to gain the technical, managerial, and organizational skills to succeed in their careers.
“MPA@UNC allowed me to pursue an MPA from a top-notch university while still serving in the military, making it possible for me to make a seamless transition in a couple years from the Army to a career in public service,” MPA@UNC student and U.S. Army Commander John-Mark Wilson said. Wilson said he strongly believes that earning an MPA degree online will help him in his career as he transitions into civilian life.
10408545_755755597807093_8122907751645845806_nDue to the flexibility of the program, which is built around highly immersive online and in-person interactions, students like Wilson can earn a degree and keep their other commitments. In addition, program components such as the professional work experience and portfolio requirements provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to the workplace and demonstrate their development as a public service leader.
The relationships students develop through the MPA@UNC program can be just as valuable as the skills they learn. MPA@UNC’s interactive format allows students to connect with accomplished professionals who have experience in the military, federal government, and leading nonprofits, including the Department of Defense, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Science Foundation, and more. Together, students and their peers learn critical skills to solve complex problems related to organizational culture and structure, internal communication issues, community development, and legal documentation and analysis. Students also have access to social groups, networking events, and other University resources.
In addition to networking opportunities and a chance to earn an advanced degree online, MPA@UNC students recognize how the program propels them forward in their careers.
“I can’t think of a class I’ve taken where there wasn’t a high proportion of the material immediately relevant to my work as a public service manager,” MPA@UNC student Grant Whitley noted. Through the MPA@UNC program, Whitley and his peers are gaining the skills necessary to be successful in the public sector.

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