Mt. Rushmore with Maria Ryan, City of Vancouver, WA

Posted on November 8, 2017

It’s Mount Rushmore season for ELGL members. We’re asking for your top four list on a variety of topics.

Maria Ryan

Management Analyst – City of Vancouver, WA

Link: ELGL Profile

Issues Facing Vancouver:

  1. Affordable housing
  2. Economic development
  3. Parks
  4. Transportation

Dinner Guests:

  1. Lt. General Jay Silveria (this is what leadership looks like)
  2. Frida Kahlo
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  4. Kamala Harris


  1. Blue and Gold. Go Bears!
  2. Green & green: all the trees/ferns/plants here in the PNW.

Thanksgiving Traditions:

  1. Turkey Trot to start the day
  2. Veggies options for me
  3. Bread sauce for my husband
  4. Phone calls/video chats with family in different time zones

Career Goals:

No matter what my role in local government and the community, and opportunities presented, I believe in the Athenian Oath to “transmit this city not only not less but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

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