New Blog Series: Fantastic Flop Fridays

Posted on August 2, 2018

Daniel Soto

You talk, we listen: here are two responses from our 2018 Member Survey:

I want to see ELGL really get in the weeds about failures and struggles. It’s hard to push for innovation, and government employees aren’t very known for their forward thinking spirits. Let’s change that, but we’ll only learn if we’re really promoting that discussion, and I think a really important discussion we need to have is what has and hasn’t worked and why because that’s how we really learn and I’m not really seeing that from ELGL. Let’s get to the point and to the core of the issues.

Leadership lessons would be helpful. Also, sharing information about failures. It’s always nice to learn from other people’s mistakes. i.e. Fantastic Flop Fridays

Based on this feedback, we’re starting a new monthly blog series called “Fantastic Flop Fridays.” Each month, Daniel Soto will curate a new blog post from a member who has a story to tell about a failure – and the lessons learned.
Are you interested in sharing your story as part of this new series? Sign up here to blog. Your posts will be due on a Wednesday so Daniel has time to post and share them. (You can even sign up to blog anonymously, if sharing your failure story is something that you don’t want your name or agency associated with.)

Fantastic Flop Fridays blog signup

You can use this blog to tell a story about a time that a program or project you worked on failed. You can also share the iterative process behind innovation – what did you try (and try again) before you find the innovation that you implemented? Or, you can even talk about something that you think could work in your organization but you’ve met resistance or pushback to even get the idea off the ground.

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