Number 9: SeeClickFix Names ELGL as a Civic Space Leader

Posted on December 22, 2014

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We’re counting down the top ten stories of 2014.  Number 10 was ELGL expanding to Washington State, next on the list….

SeeClickFix Names ELGL a Leader in Innovation and Engagement


ELGL is a volunteer-run organization with no paid staff so we occasionally wonder if our time and effort is making any difference. (We know, We know, pity party for us.) SeeClickFix boosted our bout of low self-esteem by naming ELGL as a leader in the Civic Space. We were in good company with organzations such as Socrata, Code for America, and Granicus.

Our relationship with SeeClickFix started so innocent with a webinar in our “Innovation Series.” Since that webinar, SeeClickFix has grown into one of our besties and we continue to admire the impact they are making in communities world wide.

We saw that impact first hand in our recent technology survey. We asked our members about the type of tech solutions that they needed in their organizations. The answer, from numerous respondents, was a SeeClickFix-type of application. Hats off to SeeClickFix for allowing citizens to better “touch and feel” their local governments.

What’s Ahead for 2015?


  • Kent Wyatt, Kirsten Wyatt, and Ben Kittelson will be guests on GovLove, a podcast produced by SeeClickFix. The first episode (barring no threats from North Korea) will air on January 15.
  • Next September, SeeClickFix will sponsor a HUGE ELGL event that is in the works. Details to be released in mid-2015.
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