Oct-Nov 2018 All-In & Supersize Members

Posted on November 18, 2018

August All In Members

The following organizations joined ELGL with an All-In or Supersize membership this month. This means that they can add up to 10 (All-In) or 20 (Supersize) staff members to their ELGL membership accounts, and they get free unlimited job postings for the year! Your organization can join too – just sign up here to get all of the rockstar benefits!

Welcome to these excellent organizations that are all-in with ELGL’s mission to engage the brightest minds in local government!

  • City of Aspen, CO
  • City of Lancaster, TX
  • Lake County, IL
  • City of Sammamish, WA
  • DC Water
  • Waldron HR
  • VirtualCommittees.com
  • Verdunity

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