Podcast: Addressing Homelessness in Ten Global Cities with Linda Gibbs and Tamiru Mammo

Posted on September 28, 2021

Linda Gibbs Tamiru Mammo

Linda Gibbs
Bloomberg Associates
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Tamiru Mammo
Bloomberg Associates
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Innovations that work. Linda Gibbs, Principal with Bloomberg Associates, and Tamiru Mammo, Consultant with Bloomberg Associates, joined the podcast to talk about their new book, How Ten Global Cities Take on Homelessness. They shared what led to writing the book, how the issue of homelessness and housing differed between the ten cities, and the common struggles that individuals experiencing homelessness were dealing with. They also discussed the interventions that help address homelessness and the management solutions to administer them.

This episode was recorded live at the #ELGL21 Annual Conference.

Host: Dan Bolin

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