Podcast: COVID-19 Ambassadors Program with UMass Amherst & Amherst, MA

Posted on December 17, 2021


ELGL ITGA series


Joseph Maspo
COVID-19 Ambassador Coordinator
Town of Amherst, MA
Bill Laramee
Neighborhood Liaison Officer
Town of Amherst, MA

Coming together to fight COVID-19. Two guests from the Town of Amherst, MA joined the podcast to talk about their COVID-19 Ambassadors Program. Joseph Maspo, COVID-19 Ambassador Coordinator, and Bill Laramee, Neighborhood Liaison Officer, discussed the creation of the program and the role of the ambassadors. Joseph and Bill shared details about funding the program and how they worked with UMass Amherst students. They also highlighted data collection and the future of the program.

This is part of a series with the International Town Gown Association looking at how college and university communities have worked together to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Host: Alyssa Dinberg

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