Podcast: Equity and Data in Climate Action Planning in Fort Collins, CO and Norfolk, VA

Posted on October 15, 2021

John Phelan
Energy Services Manager
City of Fort Collins, Colorado
Molly Saylor
Senior Sustainability Specialist
City of Fort Collins, Colorado
Pete Buryk
Chief of Staff
City of Norfolk, Virginia
Lori Crouch
Director of Communications
City of Norfolk, Virginia

Putting people in the process. Four guests from the City of Fort Collins, Colorado and the City of Norfolk, Virginia joined the podcast to talk about equity and data in climate action planning. They discussed how the Cities are modifying their climate actions plans to be more equitable and the What Works Cities certifications. John Phelan is the Energy Services Manager in Fort Collins, Molly Saylor is the Senior Sustainability Specialist in Fort Collins, Pete Buryk is the Chief of Staff in Norfolk, and Lori Crouch is the Director of Communications in Norfolk.

This episode was recorded live at the #ELGL21 Annual Conference.

Host: Alyssa Dinberg

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