GovTech Highlights the “E”LGL Story

Posted on February 28, 2017

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The Swapcast comes full circle — ELGL founders Kent and Kirsten Wyatt are interviewed by Anil Chawla on the GovTech Social podcast this month.

ELGL interviewed Anil Chawla, GovTech Social podcast host and ArchiveSocial founder, on the GovLove podcast in November 2016.

ELGL on the GovTech Social podcast

GovTech on the ELGL podcast

They didn’t quit their day jobs in government when they started a side gig to create a community for a new generation of public servants. Kent and Kirsten Wyatt are the husband and wife co-founders of Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL). A crowdsourced name change, through which the “E” in the professional organization’s initials was changed from meaning “Emerging” to “Engaged,” tells you a lot about its evolving mission to create community in state and local government.

For his part, Kent attributes much of ELGL’s growth to Twitter and the use of social media in creative ways — including the #cityhallselfie. In a special swapcast episode of GovTech Social, the pair talk about the role of social media in creating a national community of public servants.

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