Podcast: Inclusionary Retail with Julia Duranti-Martinez, Andres Sevtsuk, and Mikeya Griffin

Posted on June 23, 2023

Julia Andres
Julia Duranti-Martinez
Senior Program Officer for Community Impact and Research
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Andres Sevtsuk
Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mikeya Griffin
 Executive Director
Rondo Community Land Trust

Action for the future. Three guests joined the podcast to discuss inclusionary retail. Julia Duranti-Martinez is the Senior Program Officer for Community Impact and Research at the
Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Andres Sevtsuk is an Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mikeya Griffin is the Executive Director of the Rondo Community Land Trust. They shared the concept of inclusionary retail, the benefits of community land trusts, and the legal tools used to accomplish community ownership.

Host: Dan Bolin

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