Podcast: Public Service Alphabet Soup with Jenni Tan, City Councilor, West Linn, OR

Posted on March 25, 2016


Jenni photo

We learned from West Linn City Councilor Jenni Tan about NLC, ACYPL, IRI, APAMO and what these groups have to do with ELGL. That’s right – it’s the alphabet soup edition of GovLove! All of these organizations are doing amazing things for public sector leaders. Let’s learn more from Councilor Tan about these groups and also about how ELGL members can get involved with their efforts.

(Here’s a hint – many of these acronyms repesent group that provide for international exchanges for public sector leaders to learn more about the world and forms of government. If you’ve ever wanted to travel as part of your local government career, take a minute to learn from Jenni!)


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