Podcast: Student-Led Sustainability Action Planning with Victoria Castor & Steve Russell

Posted on April 30, 2021

Victoria Caster and Steve Russell - GovLove

Victoria CastorSteve Russell
Victoria Caster
Water Conservation & Sustainability Coordinator
City of Peoria, Arizona
Steve Russell
Program Manager – Project Cities
Arizona State University

Students helping cities. Victoria Caster, Water Conservation and Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Peoria, AZ, and Steve Russell, Program Manager of Project Cities at Arizona State University, joined the podcast to talk about student-led sustainability plans. They discussed projects that students with Project Cities have completed, like in the City of Peoria, and the impact of those projects on the communities they worked with. They shared how communities in Arizona could partner with Project Cities and how cities across the nation can partner with EPIC-N to bring students into their organization.

Host: Javon Davis

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