Podcast: Transportation, Engagement & Libraries from the Code for America Summit

Posted on August 23, 2019

GovLove at Code for America
Warren Logan Laura Biediger Stephanie Chase
Warren Logan
Policy Director of Mobility
and Interagency Relations
Oakland, CA
LinkedIn | Twitter
Laura Biediger
Community Engagement
Durham, NC
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Stephanie Chase
Director of Libraries
Hillsboro, OR
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Designing better government. Earlier this summer GovLove hosted a live recording at the Code for America Summit in Oakland, California. Three guests joined to talk about trends in local government and how they interact with data and technology in their organization. Warren Logan is the Policy Director of Mobility & Interagency Relations in Oakland, CA; Laura Biediger is a Community Engagement Strategist in Durham, NC; and Stephanie Chase is the Director of Libraries for Hillsboro, OR.

Host: Kirsten Wyatt

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