Podcast: Using Education to Reduce Trash in DC Waterways with Layne Marshall and Julie Lawson

Posted on September 9, 2022

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layne marshall Julie Patton Lawson
Layne Marshall
US Environmental Protection Agency
Julie Patton Lawson
Workforce Program Analyst
DC Government
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Two guests joined the podcast to talk about reducing litter and trash in waterways. Layne Marshall, a Biologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Trash Free Waters Program, and Julie Patton Lawson, Workforce Program Analyst for the DC City Government, joined the podcast to discuss a pilot study that used an education campaign to reduce trash leakage associated with curbside municipal trash collection. They shared why this education campaign was initiated, how the neighborhoods in DC were chosen, and what the impact was, as well as lessons for other local governments.

Host: Lauren Palmer

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