Portland State University Pay Equity Study

Posted on September 8, 2017

Seeking organizations for participation in a pay equity study

Jillian Gerard is fellow ELGL member and doctoral student at Portland State University. She is seeking organizations to participate in a gender pay equity study as part of her dissertation.

Participation will entitle your organization to a free pay equity study in return for involvement (find out what involvement entails by visiting the information page).

Jillian brings extensive public sector experience to the project and is excited to provide accurate information in a format that is useful for your organization.
Jillian’s research focuses on the relationship between gender role (e.g., behaving in a masculine manner) and employee pay. This is an opportunity to receive high quality research and act as a leader in understanding pay equity.
If you are interested in participation, please visit the Pay Equity Study Information Page for more information or to express your interest. Alternatively, you may email Jillian Girard directly at [email protected].

Pay Equity Study Information Page 

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