Quantify COVID-19 Impacts, Apply for the Recovery and Resilience Planning Cohort

Posted on March 23, 2021

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APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED: Many organizations have 3-5 year strategic plans, which are great for setting long-term direction and focus. But how useful were these the past 12 months? For many organizations, this past year has been challenging, not the least of which is the new operating environment in which we all find ourselves as a result of the COVID pandemic.

No doubt many difficult decisions have been made to balance the financial, operational, and strategic impacts of an uncertain society and economy. It is within this context, however, where recovery planning is critical to remaining adaptive and responsive to community needs. This cohort program will not only help your local government develop a near-term recovery plan to manage immediate challenges and opportunities, but also give you to tools for future times of uncertainty. Over three months and five virtual workshops, you’ll:

  • Quantify the impact of COVID on your organization and assess potential capacity constraints.
  • Develop decision criteria specific to various recovery scenarios and economic trends.
  • Generate near-term response strategies based on different recovery scenarios.
  • Create a recovery roadmap with specific strategies to deploy within each phase of your community’s recovery.
  • Develop an approach to monitor, adjust, and communicate your recovery plan as circumstances change.

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Late April/Early May (Specific dates to be determined)
3 month long cohort and 5 virtual live sessions                                                                                    Sessions will be recorded for participants unable to attend live

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