#35 – Matthew White

Matthew White

Matthew White

Contra Costa health Services

Innovation Lead + BI Manager


Innovative, Considerate, Driven

Matt White deserves a place on the 2021 Traeger list because he continually ideates and implements new means of technology to better equip both the Contra Costa County health services staff and the patients they serve. Matt creates collaborations between internal teams and experienced vendors to encourage new projects that will both enhance the community’s healthcare experience and move the public healthcare provided by Contra Costa to a more advanced state.

His encouragement and innovated thinking led his team’s efforts to share needed COVID-19 information, over 156,000 community members have gotten fast and accurate information regarding the latest COVID-19 measures, via conversational AI. With his leadership and encouragement, I truly believe the community’s access to important public health information and healthcare have been positively influenced.

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