#5 – Jenny Halsey

Jenny Halsey

Jenny Halsey

Triangle J Council of Government

Strategy & Operations Manager


Hopeful, Collaborative, Witty

Jenny is instrumental in bringing about regional collaboration of our strategy, performance and innovation professionals in the seven-county TJCOG region in Central North Carolina. TJCOG is a local government entity that carries out regional services and fosters collaboration and dialogue amongst member local governments.

Jenny is always relentlessly positive and looking for ways to grow learning and collaboration via our TJCOG Regional Strategy and Innovation Network. Through the network, she has also been instrumental in supporting and guiding a TJCOG Innovation Academy for local government employees throughout the seven-county region. Jenny is humble and dedicated, and she works hard everyday to improve our region.

Jenny doesn’t have a Twitter presence. She is very low-key but she’s the type of leader that needs to be recognized and applauded in this community.

I can think of so many more words to describe Jenny: adaptable, steadfast, diligent, creative, responsive, thoughtful, friendly… Jenny works in a regional Council of Governments (COG) that supports around 50 government members. She coordinates and supports outreach initiatives in the area of strategy and innovation, providing participants the chance to grow and expand skillsets, and network with peer communities. I know that her role within the COG is much larger than supporting these initiatives, but she makes each one of them feel like the priority.

As the role of the COG may transform from one organization to the next, Jenny is the go-to contact for many of us. Working with her on the TJCOG Strategy & Innovation Cohort the last few years has been smooth and seamless, no doubt due to her coordinated efforts. Her kind and friendly demeanor shine through in every interaction, and I know I can’t be the only one to recognize it.

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