#70 – Tiffany Stewart

Tiffany Stewart

Tiffany Stewart

City of Newark, NJ

Human Resources Director

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Visionary, Strong, Professional

Tiffany exhibits quality community leadership and admirable tenacity. She has garnered the respect of co-workers and peers, often being asked for her trusted guidance and support from managers and supervisors at weekly meetings. She is instrumental in instituting new procedures, contributing to a positive workplace culture change, and rebranding the Department of Water & Sewer Utilities of the City of Newark to connect the local government to the people it serves.

As a visionary, Tiffany is the founder of the Newark Watershed Science and Leadership Academy, providing applicable leadership skills and valuable science lessons to over 1,300 elementary, middle, and high school students during the launch of the pilot program. With workforce development and preserving water resources in mind, she enables a young generation of students to learn about future careers in the water and wastewater industry where challenges of recruiting employees exist nationwide. She partners with the local and regional schools’ science programs as she recognizes the importance of empowering young citizens to become civically engaged stewards of our critical water resources and grow into STEM careers.

Tiffany is a member of American Water Works Association, sits on the nonprofit board of NJ SHARES, Inc., co-chairs the state of New Jersey Taskforce on Lead, and serves on the steering committee of New Jersey Water Works, advocating for improved policy on water and wastewater. Her civic involvement is an inspiration not only to the students who participate in the Newark Watershed Science and Leadership Academy, but also to those she works alongside and for. 

Tiffany is a powerful advocate in support of her community and has a strong commitment to public resources. She has a genuine interest in uplifting the people of the community in which she was raised. As a member of the board of directors for New Jersey SHARES, she works toward helping low- and moderate-income families pay for energy and utility bills, offering hope for those in financial crisis.

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