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IKEA Holds the Key to Accessible Meetings?

By Andrew Coulson – LinkedIn, Pinterest,  and Twitter Unfortunately, I was unable to attend #ELGL15, due to a little matter of deep water getting in the way, but I managed to gatehash along with the proceedings thanks to those wonderful members who tweeted using the conference hashtag #ELGL15. The refreshing panel of young, innovative elected officials stuck … Continued

5 Ways to Use Twitter Polls in Local Government

Our Australian correspondent Andrew Coulson returns to explain the usefulness of Twitter’s new feature, the pool. By Andrew Coulson – Commsgodigital Let’s not beat around the bush but the announcement that Twitter is going to allow all its users access to its Twitter Poll function in its basic format is going to lead to a spike … Continued

#LocalGovSolutions: Mirroring Your Online Engagement Offline

In the continuing #LocalGovSolutions series, Andrew Coulson, Corey Speers, and Matt Murray, write about community engagement in Australia.  Local government in Australia is the third tier of government. Local government was not initially mentioned in the Constitution of Australia; however, it is mentioned several times in the Annotated Constitution of Australia and in every state … Continued

360 Review with Andrew Coulson, Australia

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned performance review? ELGL loves them so much that we’re embarking on a “360 Review of Local Government.” We’re going to evaluate every single inch of the local government arena by talking to ourselves (a.k.a: other local government professionals), tech companies, journalists, professors, and anyone else who hasn’t blocked our … Continued

Trending in Australia with Andrew Coulson

Editor’s Note: Make sure to read Andrew’s recent article, A crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement. Trending: Flying Foxes, Innovation, and More by Andrew Coulson – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest What a rapid month November seems to have been. Alongside the hairy lip phenomenon of Movember, for which I avoided for fear of looking like a disheveled World War II … Continued

‘Tis the Season for Elections in the Land Down Under

‘Tis the Season by Andrew Coulson Connect: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest Good Ol’ October….a month reserved for ghosts, ghouls (my birthday… cough) and, of course, local government conferences and award ceremonies in Australia. Our award ceremonies range from the best maintained cities to best practices in community engagement. It was great to watch, from a far, #ELGL14. I hope that … Continued

From the Land Down Under: A Local Government Bailout?

By: Andrew Coulson, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter It’s oh so quiet… it’s oh so still… you’re all alone… and so peaceful until…local elections! Local government in South Australia is in a ‘caretaker period’ as local people are sharing their ideas for what they would do as a councillor. For council staff, this means carefully overseeing policy that … Continued

Hello America…..This Is Australia Calling

Perhaps we should add an “I” in front of ELGL as we have gone international with new correspondents Andrew Coulson and Ashleigh Weeden (Canada). Andrew introduces you to……..himself and highlights six important news articles in the first entry in his new ELGL column. A Vegemite cheers to Andrew’s debut! Our Man Down Under by Andrew Coulson, July 21, … Continued

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