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#CatchKC with Ben Kittelson

Ben Kittelson, the reigning Knope of the Week, is driving cross country this week to his new home in Carrboro, NC. It was a no-brainer that he’d make a pit stop in the Land of Cookingham – Kansas City, MO. Thanks to our good friend Rick Usher, Kansas City assistant city manager, the stop was … Continued

Knope of the Week: Ben Kittelson, Guilford County, NC

Can Do Attitude. Focused. Beard Brother.  Former Willamette University football star and ELGL leader Ben Kittelson (LinkedIn and Twitter) is moving to North Carolina to begin work as a budget analyst in Guilford County. As you read this, he is driving across country with his brother. If we know Ben, he’s probably riding shotgun, wearing … Continued

PDX to RDU: The Job Search with Ben Kittelson

Kent talked me into starting a live blog about my experience job searching in North Carolina. So I’ll try and give at least daily updates on how my search is going, how I’m adjusting to the new area, and what I’m learning about local government in the Research Triangle. Back to PDX Thursday 10/16/2014 3:06 pm … Continued

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Kittelson’s Corner is back and on the move! Ben is trying to find a job in North Carolina and is taking a long trip out to the area to network and job search. See what he’s been up to and follow along. #PDXtoRDU Today has been a whirlwind of a day. Really it’s been a … Continued

Guidepost #6 – Ben Kittelson

Welcome to week #6 of the Cookingham Connection. Today, we hear from Ben Kittelson, the Project Manager for ELGL. Ben recently completed his MPA at Portland State University and has worked for several municipalities in the Portland area including: Beaverton, West Linn, Gresham and Oregon Metro – the regional government for the area.  ___________________ Guidepost #6: “Lead those … Continued

Capping off an MPA Program

The end is in sight Last week I began the final step in completing my MPA program at Portland State University. The 509, as it’s affectionately known, is an “organizational experience” where almost-graduates apply what they have learned in the classroom out in the real world. It’s essentially an internship with a defined project and scope established on … Continued

The ELGL Strategic Plan: From Strategery to Tenawesome

After several long months drinking copious amounts of coffee and sitting in our birds nest, we’ve created the all new ELGL Strategic Plan. I can give you two words for how it turned out; tenacious and awesome. In fact it’s really one word; tenawesome. The formal unveiling will be live on July 1st and include … Continued

Be Kind Rewind: Are You Sitting at the Little Kids’ Table?

This tweet is why we flashback to ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt’s seven tips for determining whether your organization has put you at the lil’ kid’s table. The article was originally posted in 2014. Just rolled my eyes so hard I have a headache: @ASAEcenter recommends creating a little kids table for #mword and younger association members. … Continued

Byline Ben Kittelson

Ben Kittelson, ELGL project manager, has been working in the Metro newsroom for the last month. Check out Ben’s  first bylines in the below three articles. Check it out and tell the former Willamette University football star what you think. Bonus points given if you find any grammatical errors. Communities looking at smaller transit systems … Continued

Government Communication & TriMet’s Winter Weather Response

Ben Kittelson talks with the Public Information Officer of TriMet, Roberta Altstadt, and shares his views on government communication. There is a sense of distrust and anti-government fervor in the American psyche and the negative views and anti-government movements at the national level have trickled down to local governments. Everything from recall efforts to uncomfortable and … Continued

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