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04.23.12 The Afternoon Delight

Father and Son Build Fenway Park Replica in Oregon   [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH3OYTRvgm4&w=560&h=315]   Rewind RSVP: The First 90 Days Discussion Forum Inaugural Meeting of ELGL-Eugene Save the Date: Happy New (Fiscal) Year Party is July 19 04.20.12 Knope of the Week Fairfax County’s man behind the government, set to retire A Budget By (and For) the People Urban Center Is Budget Hole 04.23.12 The Morning Buzz    … Continued

01.27.12 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Job Openings Administrative Support Manager, City of Silverton, OR Deputy City Recorder, City of Beaverton, OR Assistant Director – CFO – Utilities Department – City of Bellevue PUBLIC INFORMATION / EDUCATION SPECIALIST, City of Everett, WA Assistant Planner Community Development Department, City of Bonney Lake, WA Deputy County Administrator for Community Development, Goochland County, VA Research Analyst- Joint … Continued

01.27.12 The Afternoon Delight

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTZQAGx9rDY&w=420&h=315] Rewind ELGL Survey Data Innovative State and City Government Solutions to Watch in 2012 RSVP: ELGL Forum with TriMet General Manager 01.27.12 The Morning Buzz Nominations for ICMA’s Annual Awards Program Make ELGL.org Your Homepage! Social Media Stay connected by following these Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Twitter: TIME NewsFeed, Andrea Damewood, Timm Collins Facebook:  Friends of Douglas County, City of Bonney … Continued

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