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GovLove in October

Hold onto your seats…. the award-winning GovLove podcast has booked a few special guests for October. Coast to Coast: Open Data and Innovation with Brendan Babb and Sam Edelstein Two Traeger Award winners Brendan Babb and Sam Edelstein discuss the challenges and successes of building a more data-driven, innovative government. Sam crunched the numbers and reports that … Continued

Life as a City Manager’s Child with Will Norris, Long Beach (CA)

This is the latest post in our series about growing up with a parent who is also a City Manager. For each installment we interview a current local government professional who followed their mother or father’s footsteps into public service. You can check out past installments here: Growing Up in City Hall. Today, we hear from Will … Continued

The Transition with Will Norris, City of Long Beach

This rainy November day is a perfect time to catch up with ELGL member Will Norris who graduated from Willamette MBA school and then moved to Long Beach City, California to begin work as a management assistant for the City. Will was an early member of ELGL and important in spreading our mission to other … Continued

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