Tag: Engagement

Podcast: Public Participation & Engagement with Kit Cole, IAP2 Board Member

Kit Cole Engagement Consultant Board Member, IAP2 Bio | LinkedIn |¬†Twitter Getting outcomes from engagement. Kit Cole is a public engagement consultant and a board member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). She discusses the value and types of engagement, plus the importance of engagement in local government. Kit also compares the approaches … Continued

Podcast: Placemaking with the Project for Public Spaces

Laura Torchio Deputy Director, Transportation Initiatives Project for Public Spaces Bio |¬†LinkedIn | Twitter Elka Gotfryd Project Manager Project for Public Spaces Bio | LinkedIn Creating spaces for people. Two representatives from the Project for Public Spaces, Laura Torchio and Elka Gotfryd, joined the podcast to talk about how to shape and influences places. They … Continued

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