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August Confidential: Macklemore Loves Downtown Revitalization

Kent Wyatt (LinkedIn and Twitter) returns with a running blog of all things relevant and irrelevant from the month of June. ELGL is no way endorses anything Mr. Wyatt writes, thinks, or sings. Catch up on what you missed in April, May, June, and July – The Confidential: Double Secret Job Posting. August 27 Why You Shouldn’t Be … Continued

ELGL and MuniRent Present the #GovEquipment Challenge

ELGL and MuniRent are celebrating public works and the #WeBuiltThisCity initiative with the inaugural #GovEquipment Photo Challenge. Hat tip to Alan Mond, MuniRent CEO & Co-Founder for issuing this one-of-a-kind challenge. Here’s how it works: Take a picture of a local government’s heavy duty public works equipment. Post the picture on Twitter using #GovEquipment by August 31. When … Continued

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