#LoveForVB: Our hearts are with our local government family in Virginia Beach. Please donate to the victims affected by this senseless tragedy.

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: The long list of things I still need to accomplish in order to finish my retirement paperwork. What I’m watching: Modern Family. What I’m listening to: I’m listening to my dog cry and beg because I won’t give him extra treats. He usually receives 2 small treats for certain … Continued

I’m Old School Part 2: Implementing Change

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: The numerous processes to navigate my retirement from the military. What I’m watching: FIFA World Cup when I’m not finishing classwork. What I’m listening to: Joe Bonamassa – Bridge to Better Days  Implementing change in an organization, we all have went through it. Now, I know what you … Continued

What Exactly Is an Assistant to the City Manager?

Ben McCready, Rock Island (IL) assistant to the city manager, debuts a new column on the role of an assistant to the city manager, and most importantly, he gives you exclusive access into what the heck an assistant to the city manager does. This past weekend I made a routine trip to the farmers market. Awash … Continued


07.30.2014   Todays Morning Buzz is dedicated to the Oakland Raiders and their fans who remain loyal year after disappointing year. In terms of contents we learn about social media for police officers, the surge of immigrants in the Northeast, and all the other news that fit for your computer screen. Trending on ELGL  Change … Continued

Metro’s Opt-In Survey

It’s your community – make it great! Have you ever wanted to share your views about parks, neighborhoods, transportation, recycling or other issues that affect your quality of life? Here’s your chance. Metro and its partners created Opt In to make it easier for your voice to be heard in the public decision making process. To … Continued

ICMA New E-Ethics Guide

ICMA is looking for volunteers to help  test the beta version of their new e-ethics guide for the workplace. It’s an online tool they are calling “The ICMA Ethics Challenge: Making Good Choices Every Time.” Help Us Test a New E-Ethics Guide

ICMA Survey Shows Most “Occupy Movement” Protests Are Manageable

By Ron Carlee and Evelina Moulder Describes the results of a recently conducted survey on the “Occupy Movement” in U.S. local governments. The survey covered relations with the protesters, concerns, management approaches, permit requirements, location of protesters, encampments, and other descriptive information. Some respondents offered advice based on their experience managing the protests. Download: ICMA … Continued

ELGL Information

In an effort to organize our media outlets, ELGL will use the following guidelines to share information with the group: Meeting information, hot topics, and job openings will be hosted on http://elgl.org/ Job openings will be posted on ELGL LinkedIn News articles related to local government will appear on Facebook and Twitter “Things to Get You … Continued

What is Public Works?

A little video from the American Public Works Association When it comes to public works, one size definitely does not fit all, so defining the term becomes problematic. Even APWA members have trouble arriving at a common definition. Because of the multi-faceted, ever-evolving nature of public works, we may never arrive at a final definition … Continued

Citizen Academy Resource

How to develop a meaningful citizen academy has been a hot topic among cities in recent months. Bend, Sandy, and West Linn are a few of the Oregon cities that have taken steps in creating such as an academy. A new website has been created by the University of North Carolina School of Government that serves as … Continued

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