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Today’s Buzz features lost treasure, a failed assassination, and a virus in downtown Seattle. The Buzz today celebrates the existence of hipster Santa, who is gracing a Portland mall this season. He has a man bun and liked Rudolph before there was a song about him. Only in #Portland! Mall hires “hipster santa” – comes with a … Continued


In today’s Morning Buzz we revel in the great news that Mei Xiang had two baby pandas and contemplate life in a world where the strangely popular independent presidential candidate Deez Nuts endorses candidates in the two major parties.   Panda cub born at 5:34pm live on panda cam. Video and pix to come. #PandaStory #WeSaveSpecies … Continued


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Today’s buzz features Bill Clinton’s email confusion, the dark side of road salt, and discussion of Putin and the dreaded influenza. Read on!   Right Now with Ian Davidson What I’m Listening To: A Game of Thrones (audiobook) What I’m Reading: Detroit What I’m Doing: Watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix What I Want to Know From You: Are … Continued


Good morning and welcome to your Sunday morning buzz! Today’s buzz features stranded gray whales, an epic commercial for public transit, and the case for DC statehood. Read on! Right Now with Ian Davidson What I’m Listening to: Jim Gaffigan What I’m Watching: Jim Gaffigan What I’m Doing: Watching/listening to Jim Gaffigan What I Want to Know from … Continued

Cover Letters: The Hardest Part of the Search

In this series of articles, ELGL members reflect on the themes from our recent survey on careers. So far, we learned tips for interviewing and writing a resume.  Ian Davidson, a recent graduate of Oregon State University’s MPP program and ELGL project assistant, offers some tips for writing a cover letter. Cover Letters: The Hardest Part … Continued

Deep Thoughts with Ian Davidson, City of Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Review: Not a lot of traffic on this commute Prepare for #ELGL14 by learning about who is attending. Find out if you’ll be surrounded by soft talkers, loud eaters, and finger biters or whether you’ll be surrounded by the best in local government. Ian Davidson City of Lake Oswego —  Robert Kincaid Memorial Intern Connect: Blog, LinkedIn and … Continued

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