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#ELGLTraeger: 41-50

These ten Traeger Award winners represent everything that’s good in local government. Join ELGL in celebrating their accomplishments, and connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn from their expertise. ELGL and Zencity are proud to honor these ten leaders with a Traeger Award! Meet all the Traegers! #51-60 #61-70 #71-80 #81-90 #91-100 Martha … Continued

Podcast: Barn-Raising & Battling Incivility with Julia Novak

As President of The Novak Consulting Consulting Group, Julia Novak (LinkedIn & Twitter) helps cities across the country with everything from executive recruitment to strategic planning. She comes on the podcast to talk the rise of incivility in government and the need to think of public service as a “barn raising” effort. Subscribe: Supplemental Reading Ann Arbor … Continued

ELGL Expands Into O-HI-O

Lebron returns to Cleveland; Ohio State wins the national championship; ELGL expands into Ohio. What a busy year for the Buckeye State! In the coming weeks, we’ll develop an Ohio Advisory Board, build an ELGL Ohio Twitter presence, and continue outreach to potential new members. Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH, will lead the efforts. You can get … Continued

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