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01.28.13 Your Morning Buzz

Iran: Monkey successfully sent into space [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo9riZYUpTw&w=420&h=315] ELGL News and Notes Join ELGL: Students (free), individuals ($20), and organizations ($250) Newest Members: Jesse Shafer, Program Director, Monmouth/Independence YMCA also a newly elected City Councilor for the City of Monmouth Rosalynn Greene, Clackamas County’s Office of Sustainability Upcoming Forums: January 29: ELGL Central Oregon Meet Up February 6: ELGL … Continued

Lightning Round with Katie Mangle, City of Wilsonville

Katie Mangle, City of Wilsonville, Long Range Planning Manager Name three of your mentors: Kim Knox, who I worked with at TriMet many years ago (she is now a project manager with Shiels Obletz Johnson). She modeled a graceful balance of tough professionalism with the importance of having a sense of humor and nurturing relationships. … Continued

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