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Her Name is Governor Brown

Today’s #13Percent contribution comes from Salem, Oregon lobbyist Angi Dilkes.  Read more of Angi’s writing online here, and follow her on Twitter at @angidilkes.  What are your experiences with the different ways we refer to elected officials?  Does it differ more if the elected officials are female?  Angi shares her experiences working alongside and with … Continued

12.16.13 Your Morning Buzz

Sriracha: First, The Crisis. Now, The Movie 2014 Membership Drive – Join by December 31 $25 individuals, $225 organizations (includes 10 memberships), and $0.00 students Why Join?  “ELGL is probably the coolest and most informative public administration-related organization I’m aware of,” says Eric Peterson, Hillsborough (NC) town manager.  Who Has Joined? Marty Wine, City of Tigard, … Continued

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