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Local Government’s New Normal with Scott Lazenby, City Manager of Lake Oswego, Oregon

Balancing community aesthetics/environment and individual private property rights; shifting project work during the recession; planning for boom/bust industries; MPA “Lite” University; economic development is maybe not so tangible; and why student loans should be illegal — this is Local Government’s New Normal in Lake Oswego per Scott Lazenby, Renaissance Man and LO City Manager. The … Continued

Local Government’s New Normal with Erik Kvarsten, City Manager of Gresham, Oregon

The Mission: Local Government’s New Normal is an original ELGL blog feature by contributor Dan Englund that provides an educational, supportive lens into the “new normal” of local government by examining local issues, solutions, and stories from compelling government professionals and their cities or counties.  For the inaugural episode, we talked to Erik Kvarsten, City … Continued

PREVIEW: Local Government’s New Normal

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW FOR OUR UPCOMING FEATURE: “Local Government’s New Normal” During the social and political turmoil of the 1960’s, Bob Dylan wrote the infamous song “The Times They Are a-Changin’” reminding senators and congressmen to heed their dutiful calls as the present soon becomes the past. The official album for the song came out in … Continued

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