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A Taste of #ELGL18 with Robb Kolstad, City of Thornton, CO

Know before you go… Meet #ELGL18 attendees before you head to Golden, Colorado. Continue the conversation in the #ELGL18 Facebook Group or by following the #ELGL18 Twitter List. Robb Kolstad City of Thornton, Colorado – Assistant City Manager Connect: LinkedIn My favorite adventure in life was…. a 120 mile gran fondo bike race on the Colorado plains What is the … Continued

CO: Robb Kolstad, Management and Budget Director, City of Thornton

Fifty Nifty Takeaways What do we hope to learn from this series? We hope you will gain a better understanding of the unique characteristics of local government in each state, we hope you will learn that there are others like you who are motivated to make a difference through the public sector, and we hope … Continued

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