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Watch the Town Gown Webinar with Dr. Gavazzi

#TownGown This week ELGL members had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Stephen Gavazzi. A marriage and family counselor by trade, he’s turned that skill set on studying the relationships between universities and the towns they are located in. The webinar covered his research into the topic, questions from attendees, and a tool that measures town-gown … Continued

Webinar: Town Gown Relations with Dr. Gavazzi

Article: Town and gown relationships are like a marriage Our next ELGL webinar offering will explore the important and sometimes tumultuous relationships between universities and the towns they reside in. Known as Town-Gown relations, university and municipal administrators have to work together despite sometimes centuries of baggage. Dr. Stephen Gavazzi will explain how we can measure … Continued

Town-Gown Relations by Roger L. Kemp

What are Town-Gown Relations? There are a lot of cities that have universities located within their jurisdictions yet many cities don’t take advantage of the benefits that working with a university can bring.  Fortunately Roger L. Kemp has provided a short write up on literally “The Best Practices in the World!”  He was recently asked … Continued

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