Take the EcoChallenge!

Posted on August 17, 2017

When faced with the doom and gloom predictions of an earth changed by climate change it is easy to feel overwhelmed. What can we do to forestall impending calamity?  To start with, just change one thing.

Don’t know where to begin? Well, you’re in luck! During two weeks in October, the Northwest Earth Institute puts on the annual EcoChallenge where everyone is challenged to choose one action to reduce their impact on the environment and stick with it for the duration of the challenge. They have various categories like water, transport, and food with specific goals to choose from. It’s easy and fun. You pick just one challenge and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you, your community and the planet. For example, you could stop getting disposable cups of coffee and instead bring your own mug from home, you could take shorter showers, or you could ditch your car and walk or bike to work (or, as I did a few years ago, kayak!)
Since 2010, over 25,000 people from all across the globe have participated in the EcoChallenge. Individually, their impact may have been small, but collectively they have made a difference. Just look at the outcomes!

EcoChallengers share their progress online and earn points for taking action (redeemable for some pretty great swag). The combination of collective inspiration, camaraderie, and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun. Imagine your Public Works department challenging the library staff or the City of Portland, OR going toe-to-toe with Portland, ME’s staff. You can compete for glory AND the planet.
You only have two months before the EcoChallenge kicks off (it runs from October 11 to 25), so spread the word among your colleagues and community members!

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