Tell Us Your [Dress Code] Story

Posted on July 14, 2015


Welcome to a new periodic feature, exclusively offered for our members. “Tell Us Your Story” is your chance to get feedback from ELGL members about a specific topic or policy. Today, we’re tackling local government dress codes.

Here’s the email from an ELGL member:
crocs“We’re looking to update our dress code policy. Yep, that seemingly innocuous document that governs everything from our attire (no jorts/crocs – can you believe it!) to our grooming (no piercings other than earrings/no caveman beards).
I’ve been working on this outdated way of thinking for months and we’re at the point finally that we are ready to make some changes. I think our leadership is finally understanding that the policy we have is not conducive to attracting young talent.
polls_packer_2830_207962_poll_xlargeAbout the only good thing in it is that we can wear our Packers gear on Fridays during the season. Although my Packers hoodie still isn’t allowed.
What we’re ready to do is have a policy that basically states “you’re an adult, dress appropriately.” However, as we all know nothing in local gov is that easy.
So, wondering if anyone has a truly simplistic policy that they’d be willing to share so I can give examples to our mayor/HR dept. to model our new policy after.”
Here’s the draft of the current City of Appleton Business Dress Code Policy in case someone wants to comment directly on the policy instead of sharing their own ideas.

Tell us what you think, using the comments below, or send an email to [email protected] with “Dress Code Suggestions” in the subject line.  

Have your own “Tell Us Your Story” you want to pose to ELGL?  We’re happy to collect information for you with the caveat that you’ll compile and share what you’ve learned back with ELGL when your research is complete.  Email Kirsten with your “Tell Us Your Story” request.


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