The Award for Best #CityHallSelfie Goes To…

Posted on August 23, 2016

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Smile! National #CityHallSelfie Day is August 15


Countdown to #CityHallSelfie Day

This just in: thanks to the generous support of the current #CityHallSelfie record holder, Romulus CEO Chris Maddox, we’ll be offering #CityHallSelfie award trophies in the following categories. On Monday, August 15, 2016, we’ll compile the received selfies onto the ELGL Facebook page and a panel of judges will review and reward the best selfies from the day. Start planning now, so you can be competitive in this prestigious competition.

  1. Best promotion of #CityHallSelfie by a government and non-government entity
  2. Most per state
  3. Most creative
  4. Best dressed
  5. Best photography
  6. Most people in the selfie
  7. Best use of props
  8. Selfie with the most famous person
  9. Funniest selfie
  10. Oddest selfie
  11. Best lighting
  12. Most selfies taken by one person on #CityHallSelfie day
  13. Selfie from the city with the largest population
  14. Selfie from the city with the smallest population
  15. Best selfie by a newspaper/TV reporter
  16. Best selfie by non-government worker
  17. Best selfie of the day
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