The Best Ever with Aly Van Dyke, City of Topeka, KS

Posted on November 22, 2016

We hope you can deal with change because we’re changing up new member introductions. ELGL has grown tired of everyone and everything being proclaimed as “the best ever.” From now on, we’ll only believe something is the best ever if our members dub it so.

Hold onto your keyboard and mouse. Our new members are here to inform you about the best things ever created on the face of the universe.

Aly Van Dyke, City of Topeka, KS, Director of Media Relations

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

The best ever….


Pat Benatar “We Belong”

Internet sensation?


Has to be memes. If you’re looking for one in particular, probably Bad Luck Brian. That or Rickrolling, which I’m told is outdated now, but don’t care. Still funny.

Television show?

Dollhouse or Chuck


My dachshund, Charlie.



Super Troopers or Deadpool


Way too many. For starters, then? The Tenth Circle, Harry Potter series and Unwind

Life Accomplishment?

Getting people to tweet about poo on World Toilet Day

Supplemental Reading


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