The Trustables

Posted on July 26, 2023

The silhouettes of a male and female caped superheroes standing against a city skyline.

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to by Jackie Wehmeyer, Senior Director of Strategy and Intergovernmental Affairs for the City of Parkland, FL. Parkland was named one of the Best Places to Work in Local Government in 2021 by ELGL and a Top Workplace in 2022. Connect with Jackie on LinkedIn.

What I’m Planning: Vacation in two weeks — Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, including Las Vegas. This will be a tough one to pack for.

What I’m Watching: Nearing the end of Season 2 of Succession. How many countries does this corporation need to visit to just make announcements or hold a meeting?

What I’m Consuming: Many Aleve. After taking the kids to Sky Zone and trampolining with them for a few hours, I realize why I was the oldest one bouncing.

Did you realize there are extraordinary office adventurers in our workplaces? The kind that has your back when the copy machine inevitably rebels against humankind. The ones that you are okay with sitting next to in a three-hour HR training session. The coworkers who never, ever, ever take “your” parking space. We call them… The Trustables.

The Super Spy: Your Office Confidant

Every office has a secret agent masquerading as a coworker. They’re the ones who know all the juiciest gossip, office romances, and the intricate details of that mysterious stain on the breakroom carpet, but don’t tell. Sharing your deepest confessions with them is like confessing to an undercover therapist — you’ll get sympathy, understanding, and a handy reminder of their silence code.

The Snack Ninja: Your Culinary Savior

You know that feeling when you hit the mid-afternoon slump, and your stomach starts grumbling like a sleepy bear? Fear not, for we have a culinary hero—the Snack Ninja. Armed with an endless supply of granola bars, chips, and candy, they swoop in to save the day, ensuring we’re never left hangry and prone to committing post-lunch crimes against humanity.

The IT Wizard: Your Digital Lifesaver

Computers can be fickle creatures, conspiring against us mere mortals. But fear not; the IT Wizard is here to cast magical spells on our malfunctioning devices. With a wave of their keyboard and a mystical chant (or by just hitting control/alt/delete), they bring life back to our frozen screens and rescue us from the depths of digital despair.

The Meeting Jester: Turning Boring into Bewitching

Let’s face it—some meetings are drier than a desert, and surviving them feels like a badge of honor, but the Meeting Magician is there to rescue you. Armed with charm and a few jokes that walk the line, they transform drab leadership gatherings into engaging adventures. They weave spells of excitement, pulling out rabbits from hats and BBQ potato chips from pockets, captivating us with visions of productivity and progress.

The Serenity Savior: Your Other Brain

When you’re stressed out, and they notice, the Serenity Savior slides in to save the day. These savants of simplicity know your sticking points and swoop in to give you what you need when you overcomplicate a situation. You’re stuck with public meeting invites – here’s last year’s list. You can’t access a file – hey, your password is 1234. The Serenity Savior knows you better than you know yourself.

The History Herald: Your Guide to the Past

When you think things look glum, the History Herald reminds you of leadership and policy past. These pilots of longevity always have a story about how bad things used to be, enabling you to appreciate the present. Want to know about how pencils were counted, or holidays couldn’t be celebrated? You have a guide to how things shouldn’t be done and an appreciation for your present situation.

The Fun Facts Fanatic: Making Work Not About Work

Did you know today is National Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Day? Is tomorrow the beginning of Government Finance Appreciation Week? This coworker is the only one who knows, and they make sure they share the celebration. Walking into their office is like an oasis from the grind as you take a break and partake in the donuts, merriment, and the Finance Department Rube Goldberg machine that help you chill from resident drama on your break.


In the chaotic world of the local government workplace, these trustable characters bring color, humor, and comfort to our daily grind. From the Super Spy to the Meeting Jester, they spice up City Hall with their antics and show us that serving the public doesn’t have to be all serious business.

So, the next time you encounter these silently-a-star individuals, give them a nod of appreciation. Celebrate the diversity of characters that make our work lives exciting and fun and uniquely local government.

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