Webinar Recording: Money Talks Grant Administration with Metro Nashville

Posted on December 12, 2019

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Missed our Money Talks webinar on Administering Federal & State Grants and Loans with Metro Nashville from December 11, 2019?

You can view the full recording of the Money Talks Webinar on Grant Administration with Metro Nashville here. You can download the slide presentation here.

Whew. You Got the Money! Now the Real Work Begins: Successfully administering federal and state grants and loans

Administering grants – and even most loans – with in-house staff and capacity is possible, but it takes some effort, planning, and commitment. Join us for an overview of the challenges and benefits you should consider before deciding whether or not to administer grants and loans in-house or contract these services to an outside firm.

After the learning, hear from ELGL member Laura Hardwicke, Grants Coordinator for the Metropolitan Nashville Planning Department, about real-world experiences administering a variety of grants and awards.

This webinar is part of ELGL’s Money Talks series for 2019.



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