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Posted on June 27, 2014

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Southeast ELGL board member Michael O’Brien, the founder and principal of MOB Advocacy, will be MCing a webinar on “Smart Cities.” He’s chosen three startup companies that are getting national recognition for the work they are doing to talk to the ELGL membership. 

smart cities

What are the most promising startups creating tools, apps, and other advancements that help our city governments work smarter, our citizens be more engaged and make it easier and more enjoyable to live, work or visit cities?  1776, a Washington, D.C.-based accelerator, recently held a nation-wide search for those working on issues related to “smart cities” (i.e. transportation, public safety, citizen engagement, politics, sustainability, and small business services).

Three of the smart cities finalists will be talking to ELGL about how their companies (and startups in general) help local governments work smarter and local government leaders be more effective. So mark your calendars for July 31st at 12:00 pm EDT.


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Ride Scout

RideScout is a mobile app that helps you get from point A to point B faster and smarter. Available for iOS and Android, RideScout shows real-time information about transportation options that are available right now. Download RideScout and get all transit, bus, bike, taxi, car share, rideshare, parking and walking directions in one view.




CityScan provides cities and utilities a solution to manage their assets, ensure compliance with local ordinances, improve safety for residents, and increase overall efficiency. CityScan utilizes the most advanced mobile 3D visualization technologies available to create a precise rendering of the city that is accurate down to a few inches. This near-perfect representation of the city allows CityScan to identify, extract, and inventory any type of object visible from the street up to 18 stories.

CityScan Summer 2013 from CityScan Corporate on Vimeo.


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