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Posted on January 15, 2017

Dear ELGL members,

There’s still SO MUCH SNOW in Portland. Here’s a view of Mt. St. Helen’s on a clear and cold day from the park behind ELGL HQ.

A heads up that in this coming week, I’m going to start doing more fundraising to get ELGL ready for our five conferences in 2017: our annual conference on May 11 and 12 in Detroit, and our four pop ups in Charlotte, Kansas City, Dallas, and Portland on September 22.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, you can sign up to sponsor us here. Seneca Systems got on the sponsorship bus this past week and we’re very grateful for their early support.

We’ve also started offering advertising options on ELGL’s podcast, GovLove. It’s a really easy way to get your organization or company name out there to avid listeners of local government’s top podcast. Check out the options to advertise on GovLove.

Lastly, please join me in welcoming Jacob Johnson to the ELGL team. He wrote an About Me post so you can learn more about him and his work on ELGL’s #InstitutionalKnowledge project. We’re pleased to have Jacob on board.

Thank you,


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Birthdays & Books

Love books? Love ELGL? Don’t forget to sign up for the the 2017 Birthdays and Books initiative. This fun program matches ELGL members up to share books with each other on their birthdays. If you participated in 2016, you need to sign up again for 2017; participation does not roll over.

Mentor Month

This past week we kicked off Mentor Month with three great posts. Special thanks to Sarah Hazel and Erik Clarke for coordinating this series as part of the ELGL management team:

State of Place Partnership

We’ve formed a new writing partnership with State of Place. Read their first ELGL blog here: State of Place: Does Walk Score Walk the Walk?

Featured Job Posts

We posted two great job openings for our organizational members this week (as a reminder, organizational members get free stand-alone job postings and sharing on ELGL’s social network) and we also posted an ELGL-managed recruitment for the city of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Homelessness Policy Summit

Also this week, we hosted the first ELGL policy summit. We’ve wanted to try a new way of conferencing for a while now, and after some feedback after #ELGL16, we decided to focus our first online summit on the topic of homelessness. Thanks to ELGL member Rae Trotta, we pulled together four sessions from different West Coast cities on their approaches to homelessness topics and on January 12, hosted the ELGL Policy Summit: Homelessness. ELGL members can access the videos and Twitter chat from the summit.


It was my turn this week to host GovLove, and I talked to Councilor Lacey Beaty from the city of Beaverton, and Councilor Michelle Dykstra from the city of Roanoke for this episode titled You (Yes You!) Can Run for Local Office. It was great to learn more from these two first time elected officials about their campaigns. If you’ve ever considered running for elected office, I highly recommend this podcast episode.

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